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Welcome to NIC, District Centre, Jehanabad!

Short History

NIC District Centre, Jehanabad has established in 1989 to motivate IT culture in Govt. sector and to encourage Computer oriented work in Govt. offices, with comprehensive training to Govt. officials. Along with a vision to have a better Governance through best suitable software's/software modules for District Administration and other Govt. Departments.

Space Availability

NIC District Centre was initially started functioning with a single room and at present expanded to first  floor of Computer Section building located in Collectorate campus. DRDA Computer section and LRC computerization project runs along with NIC. Total area is around 1450 sq. feet. Video Conferencing Centre is also located in same building for convenience.


NIC District Centre, Jehanabad is equipped with following peripherals:

Sr. No. Name Quantity Description

SI.NO Name Quantity Description
1 VSAT SkyBlaster 1 VSAT for Internet connectivity
2 VSAT DAMA 1 For Video Conferencing
3 Computer   Pentium-III client (Win2k Prof.)
4 Computer   Pentium-IV client (Linux)
5 server   Global line server (Win 2000 Server)
6 server   Xeon processor 2700N Server (Win 2003)
7 Printer 1 Samsung ML-1450
8 Scanner 1 HP-8350
9 UPS 3 2 KVA Tiny Triton UPS

Projects Implemented

  • Treasury Computerisation Project "E-KHAZANA" implemented at District Treasury Jehanabad
  • Commercial Taxes Project "STAMINA", "VICTORY" implemented at Commercial Taxes Circle, Jehanabad.
  • Registry Office Project "SCORE" implemented at District Registry Office .
  • Land Reforms Computerisation project is under implementation phase in District Revenue Dept.
  • Gpf  computerization Project "Bhavishyanidhi" is implemented at Gpf office Jehanabad.
    Civil Court computerization is to be implemented on new platform, but staff are trained
     on  LBFN based s/w.
    Consumer Forum Computerisation project implementation is under progress.
  • Police Dept. Computerisation project "CIPA" implementation is under progress
  • District Computer Society is a Central Govt. sponsored project related to IT training to School students is under implementation progress.
  • Marketting Comittee project "AGMARKNET"  is running successfully at Bazar samiti, jehanabad.
  • District Web site is one of the important platform to highlight the image of District through out the world, and efforts are taken to put maximum information on it and now we are progressing towards Online reports management of various Depts. related to District Administration.
  • Various software modules like Panchayat information system, DRDA administration, District Literacy Society training management are successfully developed and implemented by NIC District Centre.


Apart from these implemented projects NIC offers following Services to Govt. Depts.

Training - This service is provided on request or requirement basis. A comprehensive drive of training was conducted for 56 Assistants of District Administration, with Computer fundamentals, Office package MS Office and Internet/Email key topics.

Video Conferencing - Recently Video Conferencing facility is established in the District and now top level officials like District Magistrate, Superintendent of Police, Dy. Development Commissioner, Addl. Collector may interact with State/Division heads of respective Depts. during VC multipoint meetings.

Internet - With the help of RAS, Internet facility is possible to be shared with Govt. officers on request basis.

Development - It's a major area of Services, as per requirements and requests from Govt. Depts. software's/software modules are developed and implemented at respective sites.

Technical support - Any IT activity in any Govt. Dept. needs a support/consultation of NIC like exam conduction, peripheral procurement, software implementation, IT infrastructure setup, Networking, IT project proposals etc.

Election - NIC actively participates in through out process of each Election and plays a important role in every phase.

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